With its origins in the musical rhythms and movements of older Cuban dances, particularly Son, salsa has spread to all parts of the world.  There are now 3 main styles, Cuban, Cross Body and Ballroom.  The sequined ballroom salsa of Strictly Come Dancing has its own rules as to what the judges deem is ‘correct’.  At the other extreme is Cuban salsa which retains the original playfulness of the Cuban approach to life and is an improvised dance (no choreographed routines).  Cuban style is fast and playful where the emphasis is on the couple having fun between themselves rather than being a performance for others to watch or judge.

Unique to Cuban style is the Rueda (wheel).  It involves couples dancing in a circle. While still improvised to the music, a caller calls the next move and the dancers respond in unison. Many of the moves involve changing partners – hence the wheel turns.  The dance becomes a game between the caller and the dancers – how complex and quickly can they call yet the dancers still keep up.  Often one of the dancers makes a mistake, recovers and the game continues.

No partner needed.  There is a new beginners class at the start of every evening.  Our aim is to have fun, perfection is not a requirement!