I started my dance career in ballet, modern and tap and I was proud to represent Suffolk in gymnastics. As well as now being a salsa teacher I have also been an aerobics instructor and Montessori teacher. I started my love of salsa when I joined Miguel (the fiery salsa teacher from Venezuela) at one of the first salsa classes in Ipswich and I have been hooked ever since.

When Miguel left Ipswich he asked me to keep salsa going in Ipswich, I started with just one class but I now teach several nights a week, such has been the demand.

Dancing comes naturally to some people but not to everyone. I feel it is important that the emphasis for the beginners class is on fun not perfection. If people are enjoying themselves they will seek the degree of perfection that is right for them. In the advanced rueda class we have even more fun but I push people to develop their style and strengthen their lead/follow repertoire.

Anglia Salsa teaches Cuban-style salsa – the original style before the New Yorkers got interested. Cuban-style is easier for followers as there is less technique to learn than in New York or LA style, it is also much more fun because it is easier to dance it to the faster tracks.

In rueda (Spanish for wheel) everyone dances in a circle with one person calling the moves, everyone does the same move and many of moves involve changing partners. The pace can be fast and furious, it is challenge to the mind as well as the body as the person calling tries to throw the moves in as fast as possible without actually making the wheel collapse when someone gets it wrong – which they do frequently! It becomes a game between the person calling and the dancers – it is fantastic to watch small groups have a go at the social evenings – any one of the dancers can choose to call and the calling can be swapped between the dancers.

An evening at AngliaSalsa is

  • good physical exercise – dancing is as energetic as you want to make it
  • good mental exercise – remembering all those steps – but soon it is second nature
  • friendly – we constantly change partners so you get to dance with everyone
  • sociable – time to practice your dancing between the classes (girls as well as guys are free to ask anyone for a dance)